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1970 - 1974
Technical Coolege of Ceramics in Bechyne, Czech Republic

1979 - 1985
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague - branch of china and ceramics

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Jitka Wernerová
Slavíkova 1
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Jitka Wernerová is nowadays specialized in garden and interior plastic sculptures as, for example: bothing bowls and watering places for birds, wells and fountains, ceramic fireplaces with metal elements, plastics of bird groups, sheep, wings and fish, stalks and pups, ceramic walls, reliefs, plastic for children's playgrounds and for park lay-outs with using metal artefacts (cages, basements etc.)...

Regarding to all year round location in parks and gardens the authoress works with high burnt fireclay carthware (bake 1360 - 1400°C) and china burnt as well above 1400°C. It means the crock is perfectly non absorptive, chemical and frost proof. As for the fireplaces, the used material is specially adopted to thermal shocks.

The authoress works are represented in the collection of Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The Ales's South Bohemian Gallery (Bechyne), The Moravian Gallery (Brno), North Bohemian Museum (Liberec) and in private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.

She takes part in collective exhibitions abroad - Japan - Mino, Algeria, Tunisia, France - Valleauris, Germany - Baldham, Ludwigshafen, Austria - Villach - and in Czech republic - Praha, Brno, Český Krumlov, Liberec etc.

She arranges authors's exhibitions as well. She takes part in symposia focused on ceramics plastics, china, wooden plastics and paintings as well.

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